Strategy: Center on automobile brake system, make concentric development, transform from product management strategy to brand and capital strategy.
        Objective: To be a powerful manufacturer of automobile brake system.
        Mission: Provide excellent and reliable brake system products for the complete automobile support and high-rank markets of the world’s automobile industry.
        Quality Policy: Pursue First-rate Quality, Meet Customer Demands.
        Quality Objective: Customer Satisfaction.
        Core Concept: One for All, All for One.
        Spirit: Self-improvement, Social Contribution.
        Management Philosophy: People Orientation, Lawful Operation.
        Talent Strategy: Virtue First, Professional Quality Second, Devotion Third, Teamwork Fourth.
        Corporate Style: Resolute Implementation, Strict Enforcement of Orders and Prohibitions.
        Brand Concept: Create famous brand of the world’s automobile brake system.
        Quality Concept: Zero Defects, Zero Waste, Zero Complaints.
        Standardization Concept: Systematic Management, Scientific Process, Orderly Work, Standard Behavior

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