Green Land of Haimeng

        As you step into Haimeng's farm now, you would be shocked at the sight. Compared with before, there are qualitative changes. Clustered chicken, ducks and geese eating pollution-free green food, run freely in the farm. All the ecological poultry are in the period of laying eggs, and the egg yield is about 120kg to 125kg per day. More than 1800 ducks and 100 geese are enjoying themselves in the pond; over 40 sheep are grazing at ease; oily green spinach and wheat seedling are dancing in the wind, which are fertilized by organic manure from chicken and ducks. Haimeng’s farm is developing in a positive circle and Haimeng people are feasting on green food from the farm, which is a benefit to our people to improve their quality of life. This inspires their love for Haimeng. Seeing joyful expression on our people’s face as they received pollution-free green product, everybody is happy.
        When we enter the chicken farm, more than 2100 walking happily towards us and goes surround us.
        All the poultry have entered egg laying period, daily output about 120 kilo-125 kilo.
        Haimeng staff is receiving eggs from our own farm. Everyone is happy looking at the eggs.










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