Second Cup Ryoma plan coverage skills competition



        The company's product quality improvement, "Ma plan" has entered the third stage - the inherent quality promotion stage, in order to promote the further implementation of the plan and implementation, particularly in the areas of awareness and skills to enhance the field production operator, special place "Ryoma Plan "- skills competition.
                After careful preparations in full swing, December 16th, the tournament kicked off in the joint assistance of human resources, technology, quality control, all Factory leadership. The tournament in the workshop as a unit, foundry melting and Industry respectively, pouring and Industry, sand and Industry, modeling and Industry, core and Industry, technology and industry groups, etc., covering almost all of the seven tournament entries 76 Employees involved in the casting skills competition; machinery plant oil Yan Li vehicle, Taiyuan NC, Feeler machining centers, CNC fine cars and other four representative 32 employees participated in the competition race entry. After two and half days of intense competition, the race in December 24 ended.
           The sub-field tournament of the contest and awards ceremony two areas, on-site game at the job site carried the race track will shoot footage taken after the clip for the awards ceremony, both to ensure the fairness of the competition process, it will not much affect the normal production, but also can not allow more spectators to the race site colleagues, at the awards ceremony of playback, see the contestants Seattle.
          We hope that through this skills competition in our UNITA create a "ratio study, rush, super, to help" good atmosphere, forming a mutual help, learning habits and common progress for the company's development has played a good promotion effect. I hope that the players in this game race out of motivation! Match the level! The emergence of a skills competition experts will give recognition awards at the ceremony, let us look forward to this grand award ceremony!

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