Cum-worker union members on behalf of its third second HAIMENG company

        Second-cum-employee union members at its third congress by the sea UNITA unions December 24, 2011 8:00 AM points was held in a restaurant on the second floor East staff conference room. The Third Conference of the union president Zhang Haibo cause congress opening speech that he hoped delegates in line with the majority of AU staff responsible for the enterprise spirit of being responsible to establish a high degree of trade union members and employee representatives of mission and responsibility and fulfill staff representatives bounden duty, airing, brainstorming, feedback out the voices of the staff, make this a two-Generation will open into a real, do practical things for the staff of the General Assembly. We hope that through this conference, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers, the company's work onto a new height. He hoped that delegates be masters freely, careful consideration, more valuable advice, a good start in this two-generations will live up to the trust of all employees. Officer Li Heng union union made the 2011 summary. Through a company-wide vote, the General Assembly proclaimed the five employee representatives were selected as outstanding representatives of the employees in 2011: Yuhong Ping, Xi Jian Bin Yao with full, Yao Xiangzhi, Zhang Xiaowen.

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